Fact file: Belize

Did you know?
Hurricane Hattie all but destroyed the old capital, Belize City, in 1961.
English, English Creole, Spanish, Maya and Garifuna.
None required.
Getting there
International flights to Belize City usually via Houston, Los Angeles or Miami, also available via Guatemala. Coaches from Mexico and Guatemala, boats from Honduras and Guatemala.
Flying time from London
Approximately 11 hours.
Getting around
Belize has few paved roads and no rail network. Buses operate fairly regularly on the only two paved roads between Corozal and Belize City and between Benque Viejo Del Carmen and Belize City. Car hire is available in Belize City, motorbikes and cycles can be hired on the Cayes.
Belizean dollar (BZ$) although US dollars are widely accepted.
A camera film costs £4, moderate meal for two £15, bottle of beer 50p, short taxi ride £10, gallon of petrol £2. All prices are approximate.
Tropical climate with sunny days and showers all year round. December temperatures rise to 30C (86F), July temperatures climb to 40C (104F).
Time difference
Six hours behind GMT.
International dialling code from the UK
00 501
Opening hours
Shops generally open 8am-5pm daily. Some of the bigger stores open til 9pm. Banks open 8am-12noon, 1.30pm-5pm.
Health - Before you go
There is a risk of cholera, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, rabies and typhoid, so check with your doctor before you go.
Health - When you are there
Use insect repellant if you venture into the forest.
Don't wander around alone late at night in Belize City.
The emergency number is 111. The British High Commission is in Belmopan. Tel: (00 501) 82 21 46/82 27 17.
It is illegal to export any pre-Colombian articles, marine items, unprocessed coral and turtle shells.
Pets can enter Belize with a health certificate but would have to go into quarantine to get back into the UK.
Service charges are included in bigger restaurants, but not in all smaller establishments where the amount to tip is left up to you.
Tourist office
Belize High Commission, 22 Harcourt House, 19 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PL. Tel: 020 7499 9728.


+44 (0) 203 696 2870

Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm

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