Fact file: Brazil

Did you know?
Brazil is about the size of the USA (excluding Alaska)
No visa required for UK citizens.
Getting there
Brazil's major international airport is in Rio, but others are in Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Manaus (for Amazonian destinations) and Belem. British Airways operates direct flights from London.
Flying time from London
11 hours to Rio, 11 hours 30 minutes to Sao Paulo, nine hours to Recife.
Getting around
Brazil's size makes the odd internal flight hard to avoid. Buses are the major form of transport and the service is excellent, extensive and cheap. Passenger trains are surprisingly rare but there are still many superb railway journeys to experience, some by steam train.
Real (one real = 100 centavos)
As a rough guide: pint of beer £1, roll of film £5.50, moderate restaurant meal £10, litre of petrol 50p, four-mile taxi ride £3.50.
June-August is winter, with moderate temperatures in most regions, falling to 13C (55F) in the south and even snow. In summer, December-February, southern temperatures including Rio can reach over 40C (104F). Rain bursts raise humidity. Average temperature in the Amazon basin is 27C (81F) with highest rainfall and humidity.
Time difference
Three hours behind GMT in the east, northeast, south and southeast; four hours behind in the west; five hours behind in the far west.
International dialling code from the UK
00 55
110V, 120V, 60Hz AC
Opening hours
Banks 10am-4pm, shops 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday (city shops and shopping malls stay open longer, and are sometimes open on Sundays).
Health - Before you go
Seek medical advice at least six weeks before travel. Inoculations recommended for diptheria and tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcal meningitis, polio, rabies, tuberculosis, typhoid, and yellow fever. Seek advice on malaria medication.
Health - When you are there
Make sure you have adequate health insurance. Low standards of medical care in some areas may make it necessary to travel elsewhere. An embassy, consulate or five-star hotel can usually recommend a good place to seek advice. Make sure you drink plenty of (bottled) water to avoid dehydration.
Be careful of street scams and bag snatchers. Use common sense, don't dress expensively or carry valuable cameras or watches. Expect beggars and, whatever you do, don't get mixed up with drugs - Brazilian jails are no fun.
Police 190. British embassies in: Brasilia SES, Avenida das Nacoes, Q 801, cj K lote 8. Tel: 225 2710; Rio de Janeiro, Praia do Flamengo 284, 2nd floor, Flamengo. Tel: 553 3223; Sao Paulo, Avenida Paulista 37, 17th floor. Tel: 287 7722.
The Brazilians greet each other with a kiss on each cheek - the right one first.
You are allowed to take pets in with the correct papers, but they won't be allowed back into Britain until they have undergone a six-month quarantine.
10% is added to bills.
Tourist office
Brazilian Tourist Office, 32 Green Street, London W1K 7AT. Tel. 020 7629 6909 or email: tourism@brazil.org.uk


+44 (0) 203 696 2870

Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm

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