Fact file: Croatia

Did you know?
The currency is named after a fluffy fox-like animal, the pelts of which were the Croatian means of exchange in the Middle Ages.
None required from the UK for visits of up to 90 days.
Getting there
There are four international airports at the capital Zagreb, Pula, Dubrovnik and Split - the latter three service the coastal resort regions. Flights go from London Gatwick and Manchester.
Flying time from London
Two hours 10 minutes to Zagreb, two and a half hours to Split, two and 3/4 hours to Dubrovnik.
Getting around
Zagreb and Osijek have trams, other major towns have bus systems. Zagreb is the hub for domestic flights but air travel is expensive. For more extensive travel the bus network is excellent. Trains are cheaper but only run in the north of the country. There are regular ferries to the islands. Don't cycle round the busy mainland coastal highways, but do cycle round the islands.
The Kuna; divided into 100 lipa.
Pint of beer £1, roll of camera film £3, moderate restaurant meal £4-5, litre of petrol 50p. These prices can vary.
Average temperatures in summer 65-85F (18-29C), and winter 2F-57F (-16-14C). Sea temperatures can rise to 26C (79F) in summer.
Time difference
One hour ahead of GMT
International dialling code from the UK
00 385
220V, 50 Hz and Croatia uses the standard European round-pronged plugs so take an adaptor.
Opening hours
Official hours are 8am-4pm, and banks 8am-5pm weekdays, 8am-noon on Sat. Post offices, where you can get cash, open Mon-Sat 7am-9pm. On the coast they are more likely to close for a longer lunch and out-of-season travel agencies are usually only open in the morning - although they work early till late in the busy holiday months.
Health - Before you go
No vaccinations needed.
Health - When you are there
The UK has a reciprocal agreement with Croatia that allows UK citizens free emergency hospital treatment but doesn't cover prescribed medicines, so you might take out travel insurance. The water is safe to drink, but tastes like chlorine. Ambulance Tel: 94
Exercise caution in areas bordering Serbia and Montenegro. There is the possibility of unexploded mines in some inland areas, but coastal resorts and islands are safe. Do not explore deserted villages or buildings; they are probably deserted for a reason.
Police National emergency no is 92; ambulance 94; emergency road help 987; Infotel 988. British Embassies phone Vlaska 121/III, 10000 Zagreb. 01 455 5310
Don't call it Yugoslavia. Also, feminism has not yet arrived in Croatia so be careful regarding clothing and behaviour outside of resort areas if you are female and want to be hassle-free.
You can take them, however they have to be inspected by a Croatian vet and won't be allowed back into Britain without quarantine. Croatia is not part of the Pet Travel Scheme.
Round up the bill in restaurants. Although service charge may be included add a tip too - as this will go directly to the waiter. Give your loose lipas in taxis and bars, tour guides expect tipping - 15Kn for an excursion is acceptable.
Tourist office
2 The Lanchesters, 162-164 Fulham Palace Road, London W6 9ER. Tel: 020 8563 7979.


+44 (0) 203 696 2870

Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm

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