Fact file: Germany

Did you know?
All German nouns are written with a capital letter.
No visa required.
Getting there
Germany's main airports are Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf. Most of the cheaper tickets will get you to Frankfurt, where there are connections to other German destinations.
Flying time from London
Approximately two hours.
Getting around
It might be a stereotype, but all German public transport is run with ruthless efficiency. Trains and buses are clean, comfortable and punctual. Although far from the cheapest trains in Europe, the extensive and smooth running network makes them value for money.
The Euro
A roll of camera film £1.75, moderate meal for two £15, litre of petrol 60p, bottle of beer 46p, five-mile taxi-ride £4.
Regions vary greatly but average temperatures are July 7C-24C (45F-73F) December -7C-5C (20F-40F).
Time difference
One hour ahead of GMT.
International dialling code from the UK
00 49
Opening hours
Shops are open 8/9am-4pm, banks 8.30am-1pm and 2.30pm-4pm, Monday - Friday. Museums generally close on Mondays.
Health - Before you go
Pick up an EHIC form from a Post Office for free medical care.
Health - When you are there
No precautions necessary.
Africans, Asians and southern Europeans may experience racial prejudice, especially in eastern Germany.
Police 110, Fire/Ambulance 112, Medical 115. British Embassy, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 77, 73113 Bonn. Tel: 9 16 70.
Germans are a polite and comparatively formal bunch, so try to be on your best behaviour.
Pets can enter the country and return to the UK under the pilot Pet Travel Scheme but this takes time to arrange. See your vet for details.
Not widespread. Service is included in most restaurants but it's normal to round up the bill. Taxi drivers expect a tip of 10%.
Tourist office
PO Box 2695, London W1A 3TN. Tel: 020 7317 0908.


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