Fact file: Greece

Did you know?
Tuesday is an unlucky day in Greece.
None required from EU residents for a stay up to three months.
Getting there
Greece has 16 international airports, but only Athens, Thessaloniki, Iraklio (Crete), Rhodes and Corfu take scheduled flights. Athens handles the vast majority of flights.
Flying time from London
3-4 hours, depending on destination.
Getting around
Greek drivers tend not to be too bothered by the rules of the road. The bus service is comfortable and reliable. The train network is limited. Taxis are easy to come by. Every Greek island has a ferry service. Hydrofoil is twice as quick but twice the price.
With such a range of destinations, it's hard to be precise but expect rough costs: litre of petrol 50p, moderately priced restaurant meal for two with wine £20, 24-exposure camera film £2.50, bottle of beer £1, four-mile taxi ride about £3.
Summers are long and hot, with average temperature 32C (87F). Winters are mild but wet, with average temperature 15C (59F).
Time difference
Three hours ahead of GMT in summer, two hours ahead in winter.
International dialling code from the UK
00 30
220v. You will need an adaptor if you are using electrical equipment from the UK.
Opening hours
Banks open 8am-2pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-1.20pm Fridays. Some banks in large cities open 3.30pm-6.30pm plus Saturday mornings.
Health - Before you go
No jabs required. The UK has reciprocal health agreements with Greece - take an EHIC form (available from post offices) with you.
Health - When you are there
Tap water is generally safe to drink. Be wary of the sun and pack an insect repellent.
Greeks are generally honest, but beware of pickpockets especially around the Omonia area of central Athens. Codeine is banned in Greece so make sure you don't unwittingly take any in the form of headache pills!
Medical, national emergency 166. British Embassy, Ploutarhou 1, Athens 106 75. Tel: 723 6211
Don't offend locals by sunbathing topless or nude in an undesignated area.
Greece is taking part in the pilot Pet Travel Scheme with the UK so you can take your pet with the right documentation. This takes several months to arrange - see your vet for details.
Service is included on restaurant bills but it is customary to leave a small tip, same for taxis. If you feel brave try haggling with drivers.
Tourist office
Hellenic Tourism Organisation, 4 Conduit Street, London W1R 0DJ. Tel: 020 7495 9300.


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