Fact file: Grenada

Did you know?
Grenada is the world's second-largest producer of nutmeg.
UK citizens do not require a visa.
Getting there
There are regular flights from the UK. Some are direct, others go via Trinidad or Miami.
Flying time from London
Nine hours
Getting around
Japanese minivans provide the most reliable and entertaining transport around the island. Most leave from the Esplanade in St George's. Taxis are affordable and can be hired for sightseeing trips. Hire cars are available but driving can be hazardous. A local licence (£7) must be bought.
Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC).
As a guide: a bottle of beer £1; moderately priced meal for one, £12; litre of petrol, 50p; roll of camera film, £5; 4-mile taxi ride, £5.
Summer 25-30C (77-86F) Winter 24-29C (75-84F). Average temperature is around 80'. Humidity is high, as there is rainfall throughout the year (mainly June-December).
Time difference
Four hours behind GMT. There is no daylight saving.
International dialling code from the UK
00 473
220V AC
Opening hours
Hours are fairly conservative. Most shops open between 8am-noon and from 1-4pm Monday to Friday, with Saturday opening from 8am-noon. Expect larger shops catering to tourists to have slightly longer hours and to be open during lunch.
Health - Before you go
Make sure you have adequate travel insurance. The policy should cover medivac flights to hospitals on larger islands, or to Miami, in the case of serious illness or accident. No vaccinations are necessary.
Health - When you are there
The main medical facility on the island is St. George's General Hospital, but only rely on this for minor accidents and illnesses. For anything more serious, consider evacuation to Barbados or Miami.
Several tourists have been mugged. Exercise caution, especially at night.
Police and fire: 911. British High Commission, 14 Church Street, St George's. Tel: 440 3536.
The island was named after the Spanish city of Granada, but the spelling was later changed. It is pronounced "Gre-NAY-duh".
Not an option to take them - quarantine rules apply.
An 8% tax and a 10% service charge are added to most hotel and restaurant bills.
Tourist office
Grenada Board of Tourism, 1 Battersea Church Road, London SW11 3LY. Tel. 020 7771 7016.


+44 (0) 203 696 2870

Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm

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