Fact file: Norway

Did you know?
The Nobel Peace Prize is the legacy of Norwegian Alfred Nobel, who left money to set up the award.
None required for UK citizens.
Getting there
The capital Oslo along with Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim have international airports. Oslo is by far the best connected, served by several major airlines. If you don't mind a 21-hour crossing you can get a ferry from Newcastle. There are two sailings a week in winter and three in summer.
Flying time from London
Two hours.
Getting around
To take in both the north and south of this elongated country, flying is your best bet - get an air pass. Buses, trains and ferries are efficient and timetabled to complement each other. Roads are good but beware of conditions and road closures in winter. For a sedate, traditional jaunt along the coast, hop on a steamer.
Norwegian Krone.
An average meal £10-£18, roll of film £4, 500ml of beer £3.50, litre of petrol 75p, four-mile taxi ride £8. Prices will vary.
Norway's climate is quite mild considering how far north it is and coastal ports stay ice-free year round. The wettest city is Bergen with 2,250mm of rain a year and the driest areas are Rondane and Gudbrandsdal. Heavy snow in winter makes for good skiing in the mountains. Summer temperatures average 61F/16C in the south and around 52F/11C in the north, but can soar to 86F/30C.
Time difference
One hour ahead of GMT.
International dialling code from the UK
00 47
220 volts AC, 50 Hz.
Opening hours
Generally 9/10am-4pm weekdays (some shops open until 7/8pm on Thursdays, 2pm on Saturdays). Supermarkets and shopping centres open until 8pm weekdays and 6pm Saturdays. In summer, banks open 8.15am-3pm weekdays (until 5pm Thursdays). Normally, everything other than tourist shops closes on Sundays.
Health - Before you go
No inoculations necessary. Remember to pick up an EHIC form (from post offices) before you go, to be able to claim back any medical expenses. You are still advised to take out travel insurance.
Health - When you are there
Norway doesn't pose any major health hazards. If hiking, take common sense precautions against hypothermia and sunburn, and avoid drinking from streams as even the clearest water may harbour parasites.
It's expensive!
Medical, Tel. 113. British Embassy, Thomas Heftyes gate 8, Oslo. Tel. 22 44 38 15.
Alcohol is very expensive in Norway, so if you like a tipple you might do well to take your own.
Your animal can be taken to Norway from the UK with no problems, provided it has the correct documentation under the Pet Travel Scheme - ask your vet for details.
Tips are not expected.
Tourist office
Norwegian Tourist Board, Charles House, 5-11 Lower Regent Street, London SW1Y 4LR, Tel. 020 7839 6255.


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